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Lefkada is the fourth biggest island of the Ionian Sea. It is situated between Corfu and Cefalonia, very close to the north-west coast of Aitoloakarnania, from which is separated with a lagoon.The unique Ionian island is linked with the rest of Greece by road through a length 50m (free pass) floating bridge.

The history of Lefkada has its traces back in the early.The archeological research of the German archeologist W.Dorpfeld claims that the first evidence of life in Lefkada exists in the neolythic era in the middle of the 4th millenium b.C.. Dorpfeld also supports in his theory that Lefkada is the homeric Ithaca.

Two of the greatest Greek poets, Aristotelis Valaoritis and Aggelos Sikelianos, were born in Lefkada and lauded their land. Important artists who excelled in Greece and abroad, were born and raised in Lefkada.

The tour around Lefkas begins from the bridge of Lefkas which links the island with the greek mainland (free of charge) and is considered to be the road connection of the island.A street above the sea level (1800m long ) leads to the town of Lefkas.

Lefkada has got wonderful beaches of amazing beauty which are popular worldwide. Crystal –clear emerald waters on white sand, hidden underneath craggy rocks are exposed to the visitors as they walk along the west and south side beaches.

Lefkada is a complex of 24 small islands in the area between her east coast and the coast of Aitoloakarnania mainland. The lefkadian open sea resembles a mini archipelago with its green islands lying nonchalantly on the blue waters.

From the beach of Nydri, looking at the east, right in front of you there are the Prigiponissia Islands(Scorpios,Madouri).Visitors are allowed to swim in some certain beaches around the island.Meganissi. It is behind Skorpio, vertical to the gulf.

Lefkada ‘s geographic coordinates are 38-34 until 38-51 north latitude and 20-34, 20-45 east lengh.

The north coast of Lefkada is the Cape of Santa Mavra and the south is the Lefkatas Cape which is only five miles away from Cefalonia. The island ‘s area is 288 or 293 square km and the total surface is approximately 321.000 acres.