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Welcome to Sivota
The lights are switched on ... children running in the playground ...
guests dressed up nicely.... restaurants and cafes are filled ... people walking along the key .....
A picture of a place full of life ,ready to amaze you!!
Events > IONIAN REGATA 2013
Natural harbor
In the southeastern tip of Lefkada are Sivota. This is a natural bay that allows yachts mooring.
How to come
Lefkada along with Evia are the only islands in Greece that you can visit by car.
The beauty of Sivota is not only an image, it is a sense and a smell. These photos allow your imagination to dream a wonderful summer
Due to its geographical location, Sivota offers a chance to sealovers for small escapes.


"Dressed" in the colors of the Ionian gives a distinct and pleasant touch to the image of the village.
"Trocolo" apartments are in the middle of the harbor just a step away from the key .
With respect to the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside,Villa Forkin,sets smoothly on the slope of a hill, gazing Sivota bay.
Sivota bay
The complex Sivota Bay is built on the edge of the picturesque bay of Syvota
"Dolphins” apartments are located just a breath away from the beach .
They form part of a traditional stone house situated on the seafront
An apartment complex that combines view, amenities and affordable pricers!
Vassilis House
A colourful place in the bay will make your stayimg unique!

"The Old Store" Restaurant
Modernity meets tradition...elegance meets simplicity... Here is the art!!!!
Stavro`s Restaurant
Restaurant ''Stavros'' is with you from 1976 offering quality and service.
Odyssey tavern
A traditional family tavern spreads the tastes and smells of it`s dishes and captivates your heart and your...nose!!!!!
Family restaurant/caffe
We add "seasoning" to your holidays!!!
Spiridoula `s Fishtavern
Fresh fish,tradition and excellent service!!! The three elements of our success!!!!!

Υou’ve found the most beautiful balcony of the Ionian, step up! This is Trocolo!
"The Pirates of Ionian" -The legend of Sivota bay-
Α 100 years old well preserved olive press has convert into a cafe / bar

Theos mini-market
Theos market covers your daily or occasional needs.
mini market Ktenas Christos
Τhere is variety of supermarket products for you to choose.
Anchor gift shop
Drop your anchor here!!!!!!
Fuel station
Efi` s gift shop
A gift shop FULL of gifts!!!
Rizo`s Bakery
tradition,taste and flavors of our childhood!