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Due to its geographical location, Sivota offers a chance to sealovers for small escapes.
With your own boat or one you can rent at the port, you will be able to visit the following islands and beaches:

On the SE side lies Meganisi (4 knots) with special geological interest,rocks of uniquely beautiful formations and great beaches.
picturesce villages,Katomeri, Vathi, Spartochori come to complete the "puzzle".
There is also here the "cave of Papanikoli" (greek submarine papanikolis found shelter during the B' world war in this cave ) something not to be missed !!!!!!!!!

Kalamos island is next(11 knots)with an impressive mountain peak of 800 mtr.
There are
two settlements Kalamos and the Diocese.

Further more you meet Kastos(12knots) ,a smaller island with the homonym village of Kastos.

On the South there is Arkoudi Island (3 knots). It is rumoured that a French company has bought it
with the prospective to converting it into a luxury resort.

Eastward we find Atokos(9.5 knots) owned by Tsakos family.

SW is Ithaki.You need to travel 12 knots for Frikes village and 14 knots for Vathi.

Wonderful small beaches you will meet all around Sivota bay.

Heading east there is Mikros Gialos beach and west Ormos Afteli.

The wider area is ideal for scuba diving and spearfishing.
The sailing, angling and snorkeling altogether are the most common activities visitors are interesting of.

The rich vegetation of the area and the unique view are the perfect "companinship" for the hiking fanatics .
There are two off- road
trails around the port, ideal for walking and mountain bike.